New Brick Block Installation

Residential & Commercial New Brick Block Installation for Erie, PA

Brick blocks are used to build all kinds of things, including homes and buildings, landscaping features like retaining walls, chimneys, patios, steps, and so much more. However overtime, thawing and freezing can severely diminish the appearance and strength of the bricks. If your brick blocks are starting to crumble and show signs of no structural support, rely on Don Vanderhoof Masonry to come to the rescue.

If your brick blocks are beyond repair, we can install new ones for you. We can come to your home or commercial property to assess the damage and current condition of your brick blocks, and come up with a long-lasting solution that we think is best for your safety and budget.

Contact Us Today for New Brick Block Installation Services

Call us today to schedule your new brick block installation service. We can work on new homes, buildings, and landscapes, or existing ones. Let us restore the beauty of your property on the outside!
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